Complimentary Webinar Series on Hospital Patient Flow

The flow of patients through the healthcare delivery system has significant implications for patient access and experience, quality of care, patient safety and the cost of care. Despite significant investments in technology and process improvement initiatives, inefficiencies and bottlenecks continue to persist in the care delivery system. Hospitals that have employed scientific, data-driven management methods have made substantial and lasting improvements in their patient flow processes. The Operating Room plays a critical role in determining overall hospital-wide margin and throughput, quality of care, readmission rates, patient safety, nursing workload, and ED overcrowding.

The Institute for Healthcare Optimization is pleased to offer a unique series of webinars where a majority of the time will be spent on addressing participants’ specific patient flow problems.

Topics: The first two webinars in this series focused on Hospital Patient Flow and Operating Room services. (Archived recordings of these sessions are available on the right on this page).  Subsequent webinars in the series will focus on patient flow in specific areas such as inpatient nursing and emergency departments. Details will be announced in due course.

Format: Short presentation followed by a Q&A session where faculty will provide advice regarding your hospital-specific patient flow issues. Participants are encouraged to bring data to help describe the problem they are looking to solve.

Who should participate: Physicians, nurses, other care providers, and Hospital executives who have responsibility for quality of care, patient safety, patient flow, patient access, or cost of care.

Faculty: See Management Team, and IHO faculty

When: TBA

How: This is a web-based program. Details will be provided to participants in advance of the webinar dates.

Cost: Free

To Register: TBA

Hospital Patient Flow Q&A Webinar

View a recording of the March 24, 2010 webinar

Watch Archived Recording

Operating Room Patient Flow Webinar

View a recording of the May 4, 2010 webinar

Watch Archived Recording