Optimizing Patient Flow Program

Advanced Strategies for Managing Variability to Enhance Access, Quality, and Safety

September 9-12, 2019 | The Harvard Club, Boston

In complex systems such as healthcare delivery, service quality and efficiency depend on the ability to consistently align resources with patient demand. That challenge becomes even greater when the demand is highly variable and ineffectively managed. The inability to routinely align hospital capacity with patient demand for services results in both system stress and widespread waste and inefficiency.

The traditional solutions of adding more physical capacity or increasing staffing are no longer feasible (or advisable) in today’s healthcare environment. The true solution to these operational issues is the effective management of variability in patient flow through applying healthcare specific Operations Management techniques such as the Institute for Healthcare Optimization’s (IHO’s) Variability Methodology®. These methods have resulted in tremendous improvements in quality and safety, in addition to driving multi-million dollar annual savings at every health system in the US, UK, and Canada that apply them.

The IHO’s approach to managing variability in healthcare delivery is the central theme of Joint Commission Resources’ new book: Optimizing Patient Flow: Advanced Strategies for Managing Variability to Enhance Access, Quality, and Safety (the book received 5 Star Rating from Doody’s Health Science Book Review) as well as the previous bookManaging Patient Flow in Hospitals: Strategies and Solutions 2nd Edition. You can download the must-read Prologue here >

Based on multiple requests for more details of case studies, and for hands-on learning, the IHO invites you to attend an educational program based on information in these two books. The program consists of a 4-day in-person workshop followed by 2 implementation support Webinars. The program will help participants to understand effective operations management, IHO Variability Methodology® techniques, and queuing analyses as the solution to various complex operational issues.

This in-depth program will focus on:

  • Applying practical operations management techniques and IHO Variability Methodology® to drive practical, high-impact improvements in your system
  • The effect of these methods on hospital and ambulatory service overcrowding, quality of care, patient safety, mortality rate, readmissions, nurse staffing, and financial margins
  • Multiple table-top exercises and live computer-based scenario demonstrations for tools such as queuing analysis, simulation modeling, etc. in the healthcare setting
  • Participants will receive an electronic simulation model for improvement of a typical hospital’s patient flow
  • Determining the necessary level of resources (staff, beds, clinic sessions, etc.) for your organization
  • Case studies from organizations that have achieved revolutionary results in both cost and quality
  • Post-workshop implementation support Webinars to help participants with their specific patient flow challenges and opportunities

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