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Joint Commission Resources Book

The Institute for Healthcare Optimization’s approach to managing variability in healthcare delivery is the central theme of Joint Commission Resources’ second edition of the book: Managing Patient Flow in Hospitals: Strategies and Solutions


IOM Report

Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously  Learning Health Care in America. One of the most important issues addressed in the report is the necessity of using Operations Management methodologies (particularly Variability Methodology® and queuing theory) in health care settings. 


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What's New 

St. Thomas fills health care need in community
HealthLeaders Media, January 28, 2015. Learn more »

3 Ways to Improve Emergency Department Efficiency During Flu Season
HealthLeaders Media, November 17, 2014. Learn more »

Getting nurse-patient ratios right
Becker's Hospital Review, November 10, 2014. Learn more »

Harnessing Healthcare Data for Patient Flow
ZocDoc, November 10, 2014. Learn more »

Applying Queuing Theory to Healthcare: A Necessary Step Toward Improving Quality of Care and Margin
2015 Patient Flow Summit Preconference Workshop. Learn more »

Population Health Requires Healthcare Optimization Population Health News, September 15, 2014.
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Smoothing out peaks, valleys in admission would save money. Modern Healthcare, September 13, 2014.
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Serving the Needs of the Community Donald Erwin, MD, CEO of St. Thomas Community Health Center, speaks about the importance of the IHO’s approach to systems optimization, variability management, and operational efficiency in providing greater access and quality of care for patients.

Transatlantic Partnership
IHO has begun working with NHS Forth Valley to effectively manage variability in patient flow to reduce waiting time and improve access and care for patients. Learn more »

New National Standard in Patient Movement
IHO Variability Methodology® helped Newark Beth Israel Medical Center save $18 million in just three months by improving patient flow, quality and efficiency. Learn more »

Transforming Scotland's Health Service
IHO has been chosen by the National Health Service (NHS) Scotland to implement a nationwide patient flow initiative to redesign their healthcare delivery system. Learn more »

How Streamlined Admissions Can Save Lives (and Billions of Dollars). Learn more »

Don't Get Your Operation on a Thursday
Nurses that are overwhelmed with excessive patient loads will not be able to provide adequate patient care. Learn more »

Smoothing the Way to High Quality, Safety, and Economy
New England Journal of Medicine, October 24, 2013. Learn more »

Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP, former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and former President & CEO of IHI, speaks about stewardship of resources, improvement, innovation and Eugene Litvak’s work.

Recent study in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons demonstrated significant improvement in operational and financial performance by applying IHO Variability Methodology®  to reduce cost, improve quality of care, and boost staff satisfaction.

Nationwide application of IHO’s Variability Methodology®  could reduce US health care per capita spending by 4%-5%. Learn more »

        IHO Impact on

Applying IHO Variability Methodology® in the hospital, outpatient and primary care settings demonstrated significant improvement in operational efficiency, quality of care as well as improvements in patient and staff satisfaction.  Learn more »

Quality and Safety Corner

The Institute for Healthcare Optimization’s approach to managing variability in healthcare delivery addresses some of the most intractable quality and safety issues such as readmissions, ED boarding and others. Learn more »

Healthcare Cost Corner

Hospital costs can be decreased by millions of dollars annually by adopting the Institute for Healthcare Optimization’s approach to managing variability in healthcare delivery. Learn more »

A Case Study 

How one hospital increased annual revenue by $137M, and avoided $100M in cost, while improving quality of care Learn more »

ROI Estimator

Estimate your hospital's ROI. Read More »

CMS Partnership for Patients


New Jersey Hospital Association to partner with IHO to improve quality, safety and efficiency statewide, and to build a roadmap for national adoption, Learn more »