Current Openings



If you have a passion for improving health care delivery and are interested in applying your relevant skills and experience to a career with us, we encourage you to submit your resume and a letter of interest for the following types of roles:

Associate Consultant (Analyst)

The Associate Consultant at the IHO is responsible for data analysis for hospital operations redesign projects as well as for research and education programs.

Healthcare Simulation Analyst

Responsibilities include discrete event simulation and queuing analyses for healthcare patient flow applications.

Senior Data Analysts

Responsibilities include data analysis and presentation, interacting with hospitals to obtain necessary data, and project management. Experience with healthcare or hospital operations data is a plus. MBA / MPH preferred.

Senior Program Managers

Responsibilities include project management, program coordination, event management, and organizational administration.

Clinical Consultants

Responsibilities include the provision of IHO Variability Methodology® consulting services, particularly in the operating room and cardiac catheterization lab, provision of clinical area operations expertise, and coordination of project strategy with senior data analysts. MD, RN or other clinical background required. Keen desire to learn new operations management techniques needed. Significant hospital operations experience preferred.

No career listings at this time.