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Another election cycle, another health-care debate

National adoption of patient flow optimization practices has the potential to reduce total U.S. per capita spending “by 4-5%”, which amounts to $140 to $180 billion a year.

Emergency Rooms Shouldn’t Be Parking Lots For Patients

Smoothing out surgical scheduling to improve efficiency is much less expensive than building a new hospital wing, and has been shown to yield major improvements.

To Solve Hospital Overcrowding, Think Like a Mathematician

An operations management specialist is applying lessons from statistics to help free up hospital beds. It’s working.

The way out of the nurse staffing impasse

Unresolved nurse burnout at hospitals globally leads to legislative initiatives such as Massachusetts’ ballot Question 1. In the face of financial constraints and workforce shortages, the only solution is to smooth variability in healthcare operations.

Bloomberg Baystate Business News – Question #1 Nurse Staffing Ballot

Listen to Dr. Litvak talk about IHO’s solutions for nurse staffing challenge. Talk starts at minute 30

US Health Experts Bid to Ease NHS Grampian Waiting Times

IHO is helping NHS Scotland make sustainable improvements on national access standards and staff and patient satisfaction.