Hospital Patient Flow Re-engineering

In complex service systems, quality and efficiency depend on the ability to consistently align resources with demand. In healthcare, where patient flow can be unpredictable, the only way to overcome this operational challenge is through effective management of variability in patient demand for services. IHO’s Variability Methodology® techniques allow hospitals to eliminate unnecessary peaks and valleys in patient flow. Optimizing flow allows organizations to:

  • Increase the number of patients that can be treated, including outside transfers and referrals
  • Eliminate delays and cancellations in surgeries
  • Reduce nursing overload, overtime, and turnover
  • Achieve maximal compliance with patient-per-nurse staffing ratios without adding staff
  • Assure patients are placed in the correct beds
  • Improve patient, doctor, and nurse satisfaction
  • Improve the quality and safety of patient care
  • Reduce patient wait times for services
  • Reduce cost and increase revenue
  • Reduce hospital overcrowding
  • Lower overall hospital length of stay
  • Improve access to care and patient throughput for outpatient services without adding costly resources

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