Client Success Stories

IHO’s unique services and solutions have brought great success stories and outstanding results to clients. We strongly believe that, similar to patients, every health care provider have unique “vital signs” (goals, challenges, policies, data and cultures). This determines our services as collaborative efforts with our clients whom we work closely with to identify issues, and explore the right solutions to fit their organizations goals. We view the below success stories as the achievements of our clients and our role as a guide and a trainer that helps bring them to their desired place. Finally, we measure success in terms defined by our clients. Our work is completed only when our clients reach desired return on investment.

The experience, expertise, methodologies, and tools that the IHO offers have been successfully adopted in a wide range of hospitals in the US (e.g., teaching, community, pediatric) and internationally (e.g., Canada and the UK), outpatient and primary care clinics. By applying these techniques, hospitals can substantially reduce variability in patient flow and thereby significantly reduce cost and increase quality. Financial returns on investment at hospitals that have implemented this methodology range between $17,000 and $300,000/bed/year coupled with improvement in quality of care.

The benefits following implementation of the IHO Variability Methodology® include:

  • Reduced waiting times, delays, ED overcrowding, and overall hospital length of stay
  • Reduced mortality, medical errors, hospital acquired infections, and readmissions
  • Reduced bumping/cancellation of elective surgeries
  • Reduced OR overtime and higher OR prime time utilization
  • Greater surgical throughput (increase in overall surgical volume) or reduced cost/surgical case
  • Proper allocation of resources (i.e. bed capacity, nurse staffing) to maximize patient throughput
  • Improvements in patient safety
  • Improved patient and provider satisfaction

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